The Power to Choose

Updated: Jan 25

2022 is here! Many of us have already garnished the top of the year with good intentions. From cutting unfruitful habits to creating new resolutions, we all innately desire to thrive. Although uncertain times hurl challenges and curve balls at our goals, it is still possible to transcend obstacles by developing 2 skills: sense of agency and decision-making.

Sense of agency is all about focusing on what is inside your sphere of control, which is YOU. Your thoughts, your feelings, your decisions, your personal development, and how you respond to life are all within your reach of impact regardless of outside circumstances. To help you cultivate your sense of agency, we have created fun, easy-to-use downloadable wellness resources just for you. These materials will help you reflect on where you are now, envision where you want to be, and map out a system of accountability to get you there.

Refining one’s decision-making skills requires introspection and observation. You need to ask how your choices have created the life you now live; and, identify which of your decisions have manifested positive outcomes and which ones lacked good judgement. Equally important is to learn from the lives around you. Notice who is loving, content, peaceable, and makes a difference. Note those who are complainers, quick tempered, rebellious, and self-absorbed. Observing the fate of others can be an excellent guide on how to thrive and avoid wasting your life.

As you prepare to start your year strong, here are 6 practical reminders to encourage you to prosper:

  1. Avoid doing things that will steal your peace and rob your sleep - Guilt is a gift, but it is also a thorn. If you know better, do better. You’ll rest better.

  2. Wade in the deep -- Greatness doesn’t come from comfort and growth doesn’t rise from convenience. Take calculated risks, and crush that next hard task.

  3. Do everything with pure intentions -- Manipulation has a bitter ending, but the outcome of kindness and truth is always sweeter.

  4. Clear the trash from your path -- If a bad habit or unhealthy lifestyle keeps tripping you up, don’t try to manage it. Get help and get rid of it.

  5. Prioritize your health and wellness -- If you’re not well, you cannot be your best self. Achieve optimal health by consistently caring for your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

  6. Surround yourself with people who are thriving too -- Just like a plant, you need the right environment to grow. Position the right people in your ecosystem who will help you to be fruitful.

Despite the difficulties you endured last year and the disappointments you may encounter in the near future, you have the power to determine your personal growth. When we are consistently mindful of how we live and are intentional to apply wise precepts to our path, we will flourish like evergreens no matter the season.

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